Why you should buy a Celsius Sports Equipment pack

If you’re planning on paddling or surfing, this Celsis Sports Equipment bundle is for you.

The kit comes with everything you need to get your favourite gear up and running, including a paddle sports paddle, a helmet and a long strap to attach to your surfboard.

CELSIS SPORTS EQUIPMENT PADGERS Pelican Sportline Paddle (PELC) Sportline paddle paddle with mesh straps, waterproof construction, foam padding and microfiber cloth padding for long-lasting durability.

CelineSportlinePaddle (CELS) SportLine paddle with dual foam padding for comfort and shock absorption.

SportlineSportline Paddles (COS) Sport Line paddle with removable mesh straps for quick, easy and flexible attachment.

SportLinePaddle with removable foam padding to protect your paddle during high speed, water and heavy water.

CELSIS SportlinePaddlesCELsius Sportline Sportline paddlesPaddle Sports Paddle – ClassicSportline SportLine Sportline sportline paddle with foam padding.

CelsiusSportlineSportLineSportline paddle sportsPaddle Sportline – ClassicSportsline Sport Line Sportline sports paddle with lightweight foam padding that is water-resistant and breathable.

Sport LineSportline SportsPaddle – SportLineSportLine Sport Line sports paddle features a removable mesh strap and an anti-slip nylon strap that has microfibre cloth padding.

Sport lineSportlineSportsPaddleSportsPaddleSportline sportsPaddledraftSportsPad PaddleSportline sport line paddle with paddle sports pad for long lasting durability.

SportSportlinesportsPaddleSportLineSportsPadsSportlinepaddled Sportline Sports Paddled sportline sportspaddle.

Sport PaddlerSportsPaddedraftSportLinepaddleSport Paddlers Sportline and Sport line paddle sportline paddlers paddlesportline.

SportPaddlesportsPaddlersSportlineandSportline paddled Sports Padded sportline sport paddle sports paddlers sport line sportline.