How to buy football kits

Football Italian, the official Italian football magazine, is reporting that there will be more football kits for the upcoming Supercups, as the Supercup format is getting tweaked. 

As we have reported previously, the league has been looking for more ways to differentiate between teams and players, so it’s not too far-fetched that the new Supercup will feature players wearing different kits. 

According to the report, the kits for all the teams will be made of cotton, but that doesn’t mean the kits will be too similar. 

Instead, the players will wear different kit designs. 

A number of the top teams will have their own kits, while the rest of the teams are to use similar kits.

The new Supercup will be held from March 26-29 and will be the first time since the Champions League that the league will feature its teams against each other.