What do you think of all the new NFL helmets?

The NFL’s helmet industry has been in a state of flux for years.

While the league has been trying to overhaul its helmets, the new helmets haven’t quite caught up with the competition.

While some teams are doing a better job at developing new designs and materials, there are still a lot of companies that have been quietly tinkering with helmets for decades.

And that means we don’t know exactly what the new designs will look like, or how well they will perform.

For instance, the NFL announced this week that the helmet for the Carolina Panthers will feature a unique visor design that will be used by the team during games.

The helmet’s design has been compared to that of the new helmet from Nike.

But the visor will also be able to be removed and replaced by the user in a way that is very similar to the new visor from Nike, according to an NFL official.

The team’s new helmet will be unveiled at a game this Saturday, and fans will be able try out the helmet on for themselves at the start of training camp in early August.

The NFL and Nike did not immediately respond to multiple requests for comment on the helmet.

What are the helmet makers making?

Some of the companies that are making the helmets that the league is touting are already making helmets for the NFL, and many of the other companies are doing the same.

Some of these helmet makers, including Gildan New England, have been making helmets since the early 2000s.

Other companies are making helmets that are brand new and have been out for years, but have not made helmets for some of the NFL’s teams.

For example, Gilden New England has been making new helmets for Seattle Seahawks since the 2014 season.

Gildon New England also has made helmets in the past for the Philadelphia Eagles and the New Orleans Saints, and it will be making new helmet designs for the San Francisco 49ers, according a spokesperson for Gildans company.

What’s the difference between a new helmet and a regular helmet?

A new helmet is made from a material that is different than a regular NFL helmet.

A new regular helmet is also made from the same material, and a new replacement helmet will likely have the same shape, color, and style of the old one.

For now, we know that a new regular NFL headgear will look very similar, but there will be some major differences in the way the material will be cut, and how the visors will be attached.

In the NFL today, a new NFL helmet will often feature an “A” logo that looks like a lightning bolt on top of a helmet, and an “X” symbol on the front of the helmet that says “New Era.”

The logo for the new “A-Line” helmet has a lightning lightning bolt and an X on it, and the logos for the “X-Line,” “X,” and “B-Line”—a design that was popular with NFL players for years—have the same lightning bolt, lightning lightning lightning, and lightning lightning.

What else are helmet makers doing?

While most helmet makers are making helmet design and materials for the current NFL teams, some of them are also making helmets to use for future NFL teams.

Last season, GILDEN New England announced that it would be making the first new helmet for a franchise in a decade.

The new helmet, which was made by Gildens new design studio, was called the “A Line.”

It will be available at the NFL and Gildons retail stores in 2017.

In 2019, the company also announced that a helmet would be released to the public, which would be called the Gildn New Era.

The next helmet is expected to be released in 2020.

What about the future?

If a helmet designer is able to produce a new “New” helmet that matches the designs of the current helmets, and if it’s approved for use by the league, the manufacturer will be allowed to make a new one.

If the helmet isn’t approved for the league to use, it could be made available for a lower price.

GILDAN New England is currently working on a new design for its helmet.

The company is planning to make at least one helmet for each team this season.

But if the helmet goes through some major redesigns, it might not be available for sale for at least another year.