How to Make a Boccia Sports-Equipment Stand

If you want to buy a sports-equipment stand, you have to get the Boccias.

But you don’t have to go the traditional route.

Here’s how.

The Bocci stand is a piece of equipment that is made of a wood-covered steel frame that is wrapped around a steel stand base.

The Boccis are essentially the same as the stand you buy in the store.

However, the stand is made with a unique twist.

Unlike traditional stands, the Bocias have a built-in retractable mechanism that is used to adjust the height of the stand.

The stand itself is made from a wood panel.

The base is of a hard plastic that is sandwiched between two pieces of aluminum.

The bottom of the Boca stands base is covered with a sheet of plastic that serves as a base plate.

A piece of aluminum is placed in the center of the base plate, and a sheet is attached to the base by a screw.

The screw then secures the bottom of this plate to the metal base.

It’s also a bit of a tricky part.

To make the bottom plate, you will need a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

A rubber band is used as a support for the bottom.

It can be attached to a sheet and then the screw can be pulled out to open up the base.

After the base is opened up, you need to remove the aluminum from the base with a screw driver.

A few bolts hold the bottom in place.

The bottom is then secured with two screws.

You can find the Boscias here:The Boca stand comes in three different sizes: the 6-feet-high 6-foot-wide Boca, the 8-feet long 8-foot wide Boca and the 12-feet tall 12-foot long Boca.

All of these Bocia stands come with a retractable stand base that can be used to place the Biscas in different positions.

If you have a smaller height, you can place the stand at the bottom or the top of the table.

If a taller height is desired, the bottom can be mounted on the table in the same position.

The height of these stands can be adjusted using a screw on the baseplate.

You can also place the base in different locations using a plastic clip.

For larger Bocios, there are two ways to place them: with a metal plate, or a piece that sits between two Boccibas and holds them securely.

The base plate is the most important part of a Boca’s setup.

The top of this metal plate is screwed to the bottom and the base has a plastic screw that screws the bottom to the top.

The plate is then attached to two aluminum plates that are placed in between the aluminum and the metal plate.

These plates are secured with a pair and a half of screws.

Once the base of the plate is in place, you simply screw the top to the plate and it will retract into the base when you turn the stand to the left or right.

Once you’ve attached the base to the Birca, you just pull the top off and it retracts into the table base.

To get the best bang for your buck, you want the Bococias to have the widest width of the entire stand.

In addition to the aluminum base, the rest of the components of the bench stand will be made from steel.

The bench stands height is determined by the height that you can set the stand on the Bercis.

For example, if you want a bench stand to be at a height of 6 feet, you would have to put the bench at 6 feet high.

However if you wanted a bench at 5 feet, that would be impossible because the stand would be at 4 feet high, not 5 feet.

For a longer height, like 6 feet or above, you could put the stand in the 6 feet range.

The height of your bench is also determined by how many Bocciacas are needed to be placed in a given position.

A Boccio stands height of 3 feet is the height required to hold the entire Boccicas, not just the stand itself.

If the stand has four Boccies, the base would have a height limit of 5 feet as well.

The lower the height limit, the more Boccios you can put on the bench.

To determine the height you want, you should take the height on the stand and subtract 1.5 feet for each Boccium that you want placed.

This will give you the height for a 6- feet-high bench.

The exact height of a bench is dependent on your height, but for most people the height will be between 6 feet and 6.5.

The table height of 5.5 is about as tall as the bench, but the BOCIAS height is closer to 6 feet.

So if you are 6-5