NFL Players’ salaries, bonuses set to increase in 2018

NFL players are getting a raise and the salaries for their players will increase in 2019.

The NFL Players Association says that players will earn a total of $6.9 billion in 2018.

The league’s executive committee agreed to an average salary increase of $2.6 million per player.

That means players will make $4.4 million more next year, or $15.8 million per season.

That is nearly $20 million more than the previous average of $3.4 billion in 2017.

The players will also get an average of 3 percent more in 2019 than they did last year.

The average annual salary for the players is $18.1 million.

The salary for full-time NFL players is about $1.4 milllion.

For the first time, players will receive a bonus for all games.

The NFLPA will be distributing $1 million per game to players who make at least $150,000.

The bonus is set to grow to $3 million per year.

That’s up from $2 million per team.

In 2018, the average NFL player received $1,858.75 in base salary.

The increase was $9.4 milion.

The average bonus was $1 billion.

In 2019, the NFLPA plans to distribute $1 in each of its games to players making at least 50 percent of the league average.

That will amount to $2 billion in incentives for the average player.

The league’s Executive Committee is expected to vote on the deal in mid-December.

The owners will be expected to approve it before then.