How to keep up with the NFL’s most significant sports team

The NFL is one of the biggest business enterprises in the world, and it’s one that makes it difficult to ignore.

It’s the second-largest team in the United States after the NFL and the third-largest in the World.

But for many, the team is just another name on a long list of businesses.

Many of these businesses are big enough to be the heart of a major sports team.

But what does the name “the Washington Redskins” mean?

What does the team’s history in the city mean?

And how did the team come to be?

In addition to the Washington Redskins, there are dozens of other teams in the league.

They range from the New England Patriots to the New York Jets to the Miami Dolphins.

All have an affiliation with the city of Washington, but there are several other sports teams in and around the city.

The city is home to the NFL, the Capitals, the Washington Capitals of the NHL, the Nationals of Major League Baseball, the University of Washington and other sports leagues.

It’s a bit of a shame that the team name is synonymous with the team itself, because the Washington Nationals are one of those rare franchises that has a distinct identity that has been part of the city for generations.

In fact, it’s the franchise that was founded in 1921, when the team was originally named the Washington Whigs.

The team was the first to be created in Washington.

It was a football team in 1924.

Its first year of operation, it won only one game, but the team quickly rose to prominence in the Washington sports market.

After a short-lived flirtation with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the franchise moved to Los Angeles in 1928, where it went on to win three more National League championships, including three straight before retiring in 1935.

When the Washington team went into bankruptcy in the late 1960s, the name was changed to the University Nationals, and the name stayed with the club until 1982, when it was changed again to the National Football League (NFL) Nationals.

The team’s current name, Washington, is a combination of the names of Washington city and the city that is the home of the team.

The Redskins, by the way, have been the official name of the Washington football team since 1933, when they were founded by the former owner of the NFL team, John Riggins.

The history of the nameThe history behind the name The Redskins were the first football team to be founded in Washington in 1892, when John Riggs and his brother, James, were trying to find a place for a team to play.

In 1898, the Redskins were founded, and Riggins was named the first president of the club.

Riggins wanted to start a team in Washington, so he got a group of investors to buy a small team called the Nationals from the Seattle Mariners.

The Nationals moved to Washington in 1903, and soon became the team the team now known as the Washington Wizards.

The Nationals, like the Redskins, had a strong affiliation with Washington, and in fact, Washington was the only major city in the nation where the Nationals played.

Riggs had a close relationship with the people of Washington for many years, and when the Nationals folded in 1911, Riggins purchased the team from the Mariners for $1,000.

He renamed the team and renamed the city after the team in his honor.

Riggs and other investors sold the Nationals to the Redskins in 1912, but after the move to Los Angels, the ownership changed the name to the Los Angles Raiders, and moved to San Diego, Calif., for the franchise.

The Raiders played in Los Angeles for a decade, before the team relocated to Seattle in 1941.

The Seahawks and the Washington Indians played together for three years in the 1940s and ’50s, but they were not connected to the team until the franchise changed its name to Washington State Warriors in 1953.

Riggins sold the franchise to his sons in 1968, and they renamed the franchise after their father.

The Washington Redskins name has been used for decades by Washington State University, where the school is located.

Riverside StadiumThe current home of both the NFL Washington Redskins and the National Basketball Association (NBA) Washington Wizards is located at Riverside Stadium in Riverside, Calif.

The name Riverside is a portmanteau of the words “River” and “Warden,” a reference to the town in California where the stadium is located and the nearby San Diego Padres baseball team plays.

Riverside Stadium was constructed in 1930 to accommodate the AFL and the NFL teams, but when the league folded in 1984, the stadium was demolished to make way for a new stadium.

The current home for both the league Washington Redskins football team and the NBA Washington Wizards sports team is Riverside Stadium.

The Washington Redskins are one half of the National Sports Center (NSC), which was originally constructed to house the National Hockey League (NHL) team, the Vancouver Canucks. The