Sports equipment worth $5,500 in South Africa

A sports equipment salesman has been arrested on suspicion of murder after he allegedly shot dead his wife and daughter, who were found dead in their South African home, police said Sunday.

A 22-year-old man was arrested Sunday after police found the bodies of his wife, 23-yearold Rachel, and daughter in their house in the city of Pretoria, police spokesman Rama Nelam said.

Police found the body of Rachel Nelan in the house, which was occupied by the man’s girlfriend and their two sons, Nelani, a 21-year old and Rondel, a 16-year child.

Nelani Nelann was arrested on Friday and charged with murder.

Rondels mother, Lorna Nelnisa, told CNN affiliate SABC that she had found Rachel Nenelisa’s body in a room upstairs.

The suspect allegedly shot his wife in the head before setting her body on fire.

Nenelan and her two sons were discovered by neighbors in their bedroom.

Nelsan had been divorced for nearly two years, and police said that she was living with her husband and children at the time of the murders.

Nellas parents were also at the home, according to police.

Police said the suspect was not a member of the Nelans household and that he lived in a different building.NELAN’S PICTURES: Rachel Nelsan in court.

Nelson, who worked for a private security firm in Pretoria and also had been working as a massage therapist, was a friend of the couple’s son.

The couple had been living together in Pretorians upscale suburb of Vodabori, according the local police department.

Nela Nelnan’s brother, who lives in Johannesburg, said his sister had been in the family for 15 years.

He told CNN that the couple had lived together in the same apartment in Vodabori.

“She was really a wonderful person.

I had known her for a long time, and she was a very happy person.

She was always smiling.

She loved life and I don’t know what she was doing.

She always gave her friends a big hug.

I think that she loved people and always wanted to help them,” Nelu Nelana said.

Nellen Nelsinas husband, Lelisa Nelna, told local media that he had been looking for his wife for three years, but never found her.

“My sister is a wonderful woman, always smiling and always loving everyone.

She has been a friend for so long.

I don`t know why she had such a bad life,” Nellas brother said.

The police had arrested the man earlier in the day and released him on Saturday.

Police were investigating whether there was a link between the deaths.

The couple was last seen in their home in the early hours of Wednesday morning, before their parents woke up to find the bodies.

“We were just talking and there was no one there, so we went to get a cup of tea and that`s when we found them,” Rachel Nellana told SABC.

The case is being investigated by the national homicide investigation agency.

Police have also opened an inquiry into whether the death of Nelena Nelsen was a homicide, police added.