Why it’s still a ‘bicycle’

Boccia Sport Equipment was founded in 1988 by a group of bicycle enthusiasts to provide quality, affordable bicycle accessories.

Boccias products have sold over 3 million units worldwide and were named Bicycle of the Year in the USA by USA Today.

BOCA STYLE, the brand name for Bocci’s bike accessories, was born from the original Bocciaca Bikes that were sold at bike fairs.

Boca Sports, Boccianas sports equipment division, was founded to provide products that provide a modern and affordable alternative to what many of us use every day.

Bocas Bikes and the Boca Sport Equipment brand are named after the iconic sports bikes and apparel brand, Boca Juniors.

BICYCLE, the product name for its products, is based on Boccioni’s original Boca Sport Bikes, which were made in 1989 and are used by many of the world’s top cycling teams, such as the UCI and WorldTour.

BACCO, the company’s sports apparel brand is based in London, England.

BACCO SPORTS, BACCIA SPORTS EQUIPMENT, BOCAA SPORTS, and BOCIA SPORTS LUBBOCK, are trademarks of Boccos Baccos International SA, registered in the Netherlands, the world headquarters for Bocoa Sports.