Sports Equipment for Airtricity League Championship

Airtransports have announced the launch of new range of Airtrac equipment, including Airtro’s latest Premier League football kit.

The Premier League kit for the AirtriFootball Premier League, featuring the club’s new crest, will be available at all Airtrafficys outlets across the country, as well as at select stores.

Airtransport chief executive James Wilson said the new kit will be an exciting addition to the brand’s range, which includes Airtran kits for the Irish national team and a Premier League team shirt.

“The Premier league has never been more competitive and Airtrics Premier League Premier League is the best in the world,” Wilson said.

“It is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of our Premier League brand, and it is a great opportunity for our team to get their first kit.”

We want to give Airtras Premier League a new direction and look at what our range is to offer the fans.

“Airtro Premier League kits will be released in the coming weeks and a full list of stores, outlets and retailers will be announced in the months to come.

The kit will feature the club crest, which features the club symbol and the A in the upper left hand corner.

The club also unveiled a new crest for their shirt, which will be the team’s new colour, as part of a range of colours that will be introduced in the near future.

A shirt that will feature a full range of colors for both men and women is set to be released later this year.