Boxers, hockey players, baseball players and football players to join a nationwide strike

BOXERS, HONOLULU BIKERS, AND FOOTBALL PLAYERS TO JOIN A WELCOME TO A COLLISION IN THEIR STATE OF HIRE article Boxers and basketball players to participate in a nationwide labor strike.

Boxers have announced they will boycott the 2019 World Series because of the lack of a new championship.

The New York Post reports that Boxers will take a three-day walkout in the state on Friday and Saturday, while basketball players and baseball players will take an indefinite walkout on Sunday. 

Boxers and footballers will join the other sports that will take part in the strike in Hawaii on Friday, March 1, 2019.

The strike will end on Saturday, March 3, 2019, the day before the 2019 NCAA Final Four, according to the Post. 

The two teams that will play each other on Friday will be the Hawaii Warriors and the Honolulu Skyforce.

The Warriors are scheduled to face the University of Hawaii at Kahului on Friday.

The Skyforce is scheduled to meet the University at Waikiki on Saturday.

The Hawaii Warriors will host the Hawaii Stars on Saturday night.

The two teams will then meet on Sunday at 6 p.m.


The strike will not be limited to Hawaii. 

“This is a strike that is happening nationwide and the impact will be felt around the world,” the Post reports. 

There is no timetable for the strike.