How to get the best deal on Nike’s latest sneakers

The Nike Zoom FIT series is set to be released at a time when the sneaker market is undergoing a renaissance.

The shoes will be available in four different styles: the Zoom F1, Zoom F2, Zoom Bionic and Zoom Flex, which is expected to debut at the Nike+ event in Los Angeles on October 1st.

The company has yet to reveal a release date for the shoes, but the first pair will launch in early 2018.

In a post on its blog, Nike stated that it will release the first two models at its upcoming Nike+ product event.

The first pair of the Zoom Flex will be priced at $250, while the Zoom Bicycles will cost $170.

There are no details as to what the Zoom products will include, but they will likely be made of leather, polyester, and nylon.

Nike’s initial lineup of products will consist of Nike Air Max 1, Air Max 2, Nike Air Foamposite, Nike+ Trainer, Nike Zoom Flex and Zoom F. The first pair is expected in mid-October, while a second pair will be released in December.

The Nike Zoom Force 1 is expected release in the middle of 2018, while Nike+ is slated to debut in mid/late 2018.