Rei Sports: A Sport Bike for Men

Sport bikes are becoming a popular option for both men and women, and that trend will only continue in the coming years.

We spoke with Rei’s Chief Technology Officer, Chris Cappellini, to find out what the company is building in the area of fitness equipment and whether its going to be able to keep up with the demand for the bikes.

We’ve already seen a tremendous increase in the popularity of the sport bike, particularly among older men.

So it’s important for us to continue to expand our range of bikes and products, to make sure we have the most current, quality product that we can make, to the highest standards, and to make the bikes available to the most people possible.

Rei also revealed that it’s been working with the makers of its new Sports Car, which uses a carbon fibre body and a magnesium alloy frame to reduce weight and increase durability.

We also saw the product at CES in Las Vegas.

The new sports car is built around a new chassis that features a custom-built chassis, wheels, and frame, but the new chassis will be able offer a performance boost in the event that the bike breaks down.

Reis latest product, the Sport Bike, will be available for pre-order starting this summer and will be a limited edition offering.

Rei is launching it in two variants: the Classic Sport Bike and the Sport Cruiser.

The Classic Sport Bicycle is the basic model, which retails for $1,999.

The Sport Cruiser is a slightly more advanced model, offering a range of upgrades for $2,499.

These models are only available through Rei, but are still very affordable compared to the other models.

The Sport Bike features a carbon frame that is available in either titanium or aluminum.

Weighing in at about 11.5 kilograms (21 pounds), the Sport Bicycle will also offer a carbon fork for the bike, along with a custom carbon stem for the seat tube and an alloy seat post.

The seat tube will be compatible with all the latest mountain bike and road bikes that are equipped with carbon-fibre frame construction, including the Rei M1 and Rei Tour, which are currently on sale for $8,499 and $12,499 respectively.

The carbon seat post is built using carbon fiber and aluminum alloy components, with carbon tubing in the center.

The seat post will also feature carbon-titanium alloy hardware, while the seat post clamp features a dual-layer carbon frame for the clamping mechanism.

The clamp will feature a carbon insert to allow the clamp to be adjusted and will also be available with carbon fibre and aluminum parts.

Reimis Sport Bike will be launching in June, and you can pre-buy it now from or through Reimis website.