New Harbinger Sports equipment line up: $200 sports gear, $100 helmets, $30 tennis shoes, $20 sneakers, $40 shorts, $80 socks, $90 pants, $130 sweatshirts, $180 socks, and more

NEW YORK (AP) For years, Harbingers was synonymous with the basketball shoe industry.

Now, the company’s athletic footwear line up is making headlines.

The NBA’s Harbings line includes new shoes, new shorts, new tennis shoes and other athletic apparel.

The company has also launched a new line of sports apparel for the New York City subway.

The brand has grown its stock from $20 per share in 2013 to $60 per share today.

Harbangers athletic footwear business includes the sports gear line as well as the Harbenson Sports brand.

Its also announced that it will be launching a new athletic footwear collection in 2018.