Manfredi on Manfredini and Milan’s return to Serie A

Manfrediani, coach of Milan’s Serie A campaign, said today he is happy to see the Italian side return to the top flight, and that Milan’s performance against Lazio was proof of that.

The coach spoke to SportMag in an exclusive interview after Milan beat Lazio 4-1 in the Supercoppa delle Cittadini on Friday.

He said that Milan had been the surprise of the league, not just because they played so well but because of their quality.

“We had a fantastic season, with great goals and great performances,” he said.

“Our season has been remarkable.

The result against Lazios was very important because we were not in the same position as last season.

But we have to make sure that we keep working, because we are always at the top of the table.”

We will keep improving.

I want to thank everyone, and I know that there are many fans in Italy who support the team.

We are proud of the result.

“This season was not the easiest for us.

But the season is not over yet, because the players are ready and we have a strong team.

This is the season where we will be competitive, and we will work hard.”

Lazio’s success last season left Milan with an overall deficit of more than 10 points and they were knocked out of the Europa League by PSG.

However, Milan went on to win the Serie A title by beating Juventus 4-0 on aggregate in the final.