How to Use The Fox Sports app in Switzerland

Swiss officials are scrambling to curb the growing use of the new Fox Sports App in the country, which they say is exacerbating a growing problem with the country’s declining sporting scene.

The app has been installed in only 11 percent of the countrys population since its launch in April, according to a study by Swiss newspaper Blick, which said that it has helped the country achieve a ranking of the lowest in the world for the number of active sports fans.

“There are fewer people using the app, but it has a negative effect on the social atmosphere,” said the newspaper, which quoted a number of experts.

“We have had to adopt a new approach to solve the problem.”

Fox Sports has been trying to address the issue by developing an app that can be used by both locals and tourists alike.

However, the Swiss government said that the new app could not be used in some areas, including for “commercial purposes.”

The government said it would start to test and distribute a version of the app that was compatible with its public-transport network.

“I think it will take time to be able to implement the new version of Fox Sports, which is going to be a very different app,” said a spokesman for the Swiss National Railways.

“It’s going to have a different interface, but that will come soon.”

The Fox Sports service has been available for a year in Switzerland.

Its aim is to provide a better and more convenient way to follow sports and sports events on demand, as well as provide users with an easy way to watch the sport’s matches on demand.

Fox Sports is owned by Fox and is operated by the Fox Sports brand.