When Amazon removes a game from the Amazon Games app, the app will disappear

Amazon has removed the Amazon Sports App from its app store after users complained that it wasn’t compatible with the latest versions of the games it sells.

Users complained that the game was not available for some games on the app store, such as FIFA 18 and League of Legends, and the games were not showing up in the games menu when users tried to buy them.

In a statement to The Next Week, Amazon said it had made “no changes to the functionality of our Games app since it was first introduced in December 2016.”

It also said it was working with EA to update the games that have not been updated in a timely manner to support EA’s upcoming release of the next-gen version of the game.

However, Amazon has not provided a date for when the app should be restored to the app, although it is likely to happen soon.

It said in its statement that “it’s important to note that the Games app was not designed to support the latest mobile technologies, and it does not support iOS 11 and the latest devices, including those from Apple.”

Amazon said it would be adding a new section in the app to “offer more information on how to use the Amazon games app and the ability to play your games, with more options to customize.”

This story has been updated to include comment from Amazon.