When you want a new pair of pants, go with a climbing shoe

NEW YORK — When you have to make a tough choice between climbing gear and a pair of jeans, a climbing sportswear store has got your back.

 The owner of Bath & Body Works said that he and his wife have been shopping around for a new set of climbing shoes for years.

He told the Wall Street Journal that his company is constantly looking for the best quality climbing shoes, because he knows it’s important to keep a comfortable fit on a regular basis.

“We’ve done hundreds of pairs of shoes in our store and we’ve been told they’re the best,” said B&B’s founder and CEO, James Brown.

We’ve also had to do some really crazy things with them in order to make them fit right.

Brown says that it’s not just the fact that they’re made of durable materials that makes these shoes so comfortable.

His store sells climbing shoes in a variety of styles, from a pair for the climber that’s easy to slip on and off to a full-length pair for a man that’s a little more challenging.

You could go from casual to serious, he says, and then just change your mind.

A lot of climbers are also starting to look to the gym for their climbing gear, Brown said.

Some have even started wearing them in the gym while they work out. 

The B&W store offers both male and female climbers a variety types of climbing shoe styles.

One of the most popular is the Tubular, which Brown said is designed to be used for bouldering.

The Tubular is made out of a combination of a waterproof and breathable rubber, and is available in different sizes, with varying widths.

While it doesn’t have a very comfortable fit, Brown says that he found that it fits perfectly.

For a man like me, it’s a perfect fit.

I’ve been climbing all over the world, and it fits like a glove.

There are two different styles of climbing boots, Brown explained, but he says the Tubula has a little bit more room for a bigger foot.

Bath&Body Works has about 30,000 square feet of space, and the stores main focus is on outdoor climbing, Brown told the WSJ.

When the B&H store first opened, it was a little over 1,000 feet away from the famed Squaw Valley climbing wall, which is now the world’s tallest.

As the company expanded, Brown began making the climbing shoe a mainstay of the store.

At the height of the Squaw Crisis, Brown started selling the Tubules to climbers.

In 2013, he told the New York Times that he was selling the company out of his store and was forced to close.

Now, the company’s not only looking for a better fit for its customers, but also the best-quality climbing shoe.

With a new brand coming in the fall, Brown is looking for another $100,000 to start making the Tubulas available.