How do you know when you’re in for a real deal at the sporting goods store?

Sports equipment shelves at the big box and department stores may be filled with expensive sports equipment but the people who sell it also have a few things to worry about.

We asked them for their top tips for spotting a bargain.

Sports equipment is sold by the kilogram, so you need to be on the lookout for items that are just a couple of ounces.

And you need a bit more information.

So if the store has a new set of shoes, you need the full shoe size.

But if it’s a pair of shoes that have been in stock for a while, you can also check the size on the shelf.

And if you see something in the bargain bin with a big price tag but it’s still a bargain, it’s probably not a great bargain.

Here’s our guide to finding a bargain on sports equipment.1.

Look for a name tag sports equipment