Adidas to acquire Backpage Sports for $1.9 billion

Adidas is expected to buy Backpage.

The deal is expected in the first quarter of 2018.

Last year, Adidas acquired Backpage for $900 million.

It was widely expected that Adidas would make a run at buying Backpage, which has a massive following of users of child pornography.

The site has since been shut down, and its users have been banned from entering certain parts of the internet. 

The deal will bring the total value of the deal to $1 billion. 

Adidas, which also owns the popular tennis shoes brand Reebok, is the world’s largest shoe brand.

Backpage is a site that provides images of minors engaged in sexual activity with other adults, including photos of nude models.

It is currently home to about 1.2 million images of nude women.

The website has also featured content that depicts violence against women, including graphic images of the decapitation of women by their husbands, rape, and other horrific crimes. 

Earlier this year, the site was forced to take down images of a 14-year-old girl who had been beaten by her father.

The site was also forced to remove a video of a man raping a young girl.