How to find the best sports gear for your sport

Sportswear retailer Equipe Sports is offering a special edition of its Sportswatch catalog of sports gear, dubbed the Quipe de Sport.

The catalog features a selection of apparel, footwear and accessories from a range of sports companies, including Adidas, Nike, Adidas Originals, Nikes, Converse, Puma and Reebok.

Equipe Sportswatches sports accessories range from the new Nike XB1s to the iconic Nike Zoom Boosts, the company says.

The new Sportsway features an assortment of athletic footwear including the Nike Zoom Air X, Nike Flyknit, Reebo, Nike SB Dunk Low, Nike Zoom F, Nike Air Max 1, Nike XTR 2 and Nike XT 1, the retailer says.

Equipe Sports also released a pair of the company’s signature “Sportswatches” for men and women.

The men’s Sportswatched shoes feature a 3-quarter length sole, which is similar to the Nike Air Jordan 1.0 and the Adidas Origins Hyperbird 1.

The women’s Sportwatch has a 3.75-inch outsole, which resembles the Nike SB Flyknit.

Equipped with a leather upper and a mesh lining, the Sportswake shoes are a great fit for men, Equipe says.

The Quipe Sport is available now through Equipe’s website.

Nike is also making a Quipe sportswatch for women.

The Nike Quipe 1.5 will be available for purchase in October.

Nike will release a Quip sports watch on Oct. 31.