When it comes to the latest football equipment, what you need to know about the latest trends

With the rise of the mobile and social media generation, the popularity of the sport has exploded and now more and more people are turning to sportswear.

But what should you be buying if you want to go the next level?

Here are our top picks for the latest soccer shirts and jerseys.1.

New York Red Bulls Nike Football ShirtNew York Red Bull’s Nike Football shirt was a huge hit with the faithful last season, but the New York-based club is now hoping it’s a hit with more players.

A huge part of this success has been the design.

It features a graphic design inspired by the New England Patriots, which is also the name of the club’s new stadium.

The shirt is available now and has been available at select Nike stores, but it’s also available online at NikeStore.com, Amazon.com and eBay.com.

The price tag is $150, and if you can’t get it online, the price is likely to be even lower.

The kit was created by Nike and the New Orleans Saints and it features a full red crest and a design based on the team’s current stadium.

It also features the team logo, the name and number of the player, and the club crest.2.

New Jersey Devils Nike Football JerseyThe New Jersey Generals are in need of some new football shirts, and they’re not the only team in need.

The Devils are also looking for a new home kit for their new arena.

This year’s jersey is based on a design created by the club.

The Jersey features a design inspired to the Devils home jerseys from last season.

The jerseys have a blue and yellow strip on the chest and collar and the number ’19’ is printed on the back.3.

Carolina Hurricanes Nike Football JerseysThe Carolina Hurricanes have a new jersey to help keep the pressure on in the NHL, as they’re looking to boost their brand.

The team is using a design that combines the team name with the Carolina Hurricanes logo, and it’s designed to be the first jersey in the team to feature a full-color logo.

The jersey features a blue, white and black design and is available at Nike, NikeStore and eBay, with the price tag being $100.4.

San Jose Sharks Nike Football KitThe Sharks are hoping to put a new spin on their jerseys, and this is the first one to feature the Sharks’ brand and crest.

The new design features a stripe that runs along the left side of the jersey, the team is also using a logo on the right sleeve.

The jersey is available online and is being sold at NikeShop.com for $150.5.

New Orleans Pelicans Nike Football ShirtsThe Pelicans are trying to build a brand around their uniforms, and one of their latest designs is a tribute to the team.

The logo is inspired by an old jersey from last year, and is a design with a red crest on the front.

The logo features a logo and name printed on both sleeves.

The jerseys are available online now and can be bought at Nike.com or Amazon.co.uk.

The Price tag is £50.6.

Washington Wizards Nike Basketball ShirtsWizards players are often compared to their fellow American players in the NBA, but they’re also very much American.

The Washington Wizards are looking to bring that brand to the NBA and they’ve created their own design that is inspired in a way that feels like it was designed by the players themselves.

The design is based around the team crest and it incorporates the team names and logos.

The designs are available at Adidas.com as well as Nike.

The price tag on the jersey is $110.7.

Minnesota Timberwolves Nike Basketball JerseyThe Timberwolves are going to try to keep the momentum going with their new jersey, which features a similar design to the one the team used last season to keep fans interested.

The Timberwolves are using a graphic that incorporates the logo of the Minnesota Twins, and on the sleeves the word ‘TAP.’

The jersey features the logo on both sides of the sleeves, with a design similar to the current Timberwolves jerseys.

The number 19 is printed in the back and the jersey has a price tag of £70.8.

Toronto Raptors Nike Basketball JerseysA new Raptors jersey is now available online, and its based on designs from last seasons and this year’s.

The design is inspired from the logo, but is also inspired by Raptors players.

The colour scheme is based off of the colour scheme of the team colours.

The black and red is printed over the numbers.

The size is 3XL and it is available from AdidasShop.co, NikeShop, eBay, Amazon and Nike.co shop.

The cost tag is approximately £40.9.

Minnesota Vikings Nike Basketball ShirtThe Vikings have a few new jerseys to try and keep fans entertained this season, and a lot of those jerseys are based on their famous logo.

Here are the designs that have been made available online.

The Vikings logo