How to shop for Target Sports Equipment in Canada

Target Sports equipment can be found at department stores, grocery stores, big box stores and even online.

In Canada, Target Sports and its Target Sports Canada subsidiary sell products in every province, the territory and the territories of Canada.

The Target Sports brands are used in sports equipment from the NHL and Major League Soccer, including Target Field Hockey, Target Soccer, Target Basketball, Target CrossFit, Target Golf, Target Hockey,Target Ski, Target Ice Hockey, and Target Soccer Plus.

Here’s how to find Target Sports gear in Canada.

Target Sports footwear and accessories Target Sports apparel and accessories have been part of Target Canada’s portfolio since 1997.

TargetSports has a strong track record of quality in sports gear and apparel.

In 2018, TargetSports introduced the Target Sports Pro line of outdoor apparel.

Target sports gear has a wide variety of styles that can be worn indoors, outdoors and on the ice.

Target’s footwear, apparel and equipment ranges are all made from a premium, high-performance material called leather.

The leather on Target Sports products is breathable and durable.

Target has a huge range of clothing, hats, scarves, hoodies, jackets and more for men, women and kids.

Target offers a wide range of outdoor gear, including snowmobiles, snowboards, ice axes, snowshoes, snowmoves and more.

Target also offers a variety of hockey gear including hockey sticks, helmets, hockey gloves, hockey pads, ice hockey skates, hockey skateboards and more, all of which are made from premium, quality leather. is a Canadian retailer that offers products and services for consumers in the Canada and United States.

Target Canada sells a wide array of Target Sports merchandise, ranging from sports gear to apparel to footwear and other outdoor goods.

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The Canada/United States division of TargetSports is based in Canada, but it also offers an online store in the United States and in the European Union. is a portal for customers to find the best in Target Sports.

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