Cardinal sports equipment sold online for $1.25m – ABC News

The price of a new sports equipment package can be as high as $1,425,000, according to a new report.

The Australian Sports Council (ASC) says the new equipment package includes two-person seats and three-person bench seats, as well as two-way radios, a DVD player and headphones.

Advertisement The ASC says the package is available for $799.95, which is more than twice the price of the standard equipment.

The ASCC says it is the highest price paid for a sports equipment in the country.

It is understood the package was sold online in September.

The ACCC has not released the name of the purchaser, or a price.

The ACCC says a $1 million sports equipment purchase is usually considered a good value.

The agency’s chairman Rod Sims said it was “important” to understand what the customer paid for the equipment.

“A lot of people may be paying a little bit more than what they would normally, and we need to look at what’s the best deal for that customer,” he said.

“What’s the cost to the customer?

How much are they likely to pay out in compensation, and are there incentives to pay that price?”

The price tag for the new package is not surprising given the increased costs of managing the growing population of people who live in Australia.

Australia’s population is expected to hit 6.2 million by 2060, and the number of people living in the capital cities is set to rise by almost a third.

At the same time, a number of states and territories are reducing the number that they allow children to be born.