Former White House official says Trump has ‘no desire’ to remove Ivanka Trump from her role at White House

President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter has said she has no desire to be removed from her White House role and that her role is “very much the same as it’s been for years.”

In a series of tweets Friday, Ivanka Trump, who is the chief operating officer of her father’s businesses, said her role as a White House spokeswoman was an “extremely important part” of her role.

“My father is a strong supporter of the First Amendment and his administration has done so many great things in the past decade, including supporting the press and supporting democracy, said Ivanka Trump.”

The only difference is that now, my father is not a part of the White House Communications Director’s Office.

This is an extremely important part of my role and I look forward to doing it as I always have.

I love my job!

“Ivanka Trump has previously been criticized for not staying on message during her fathers administration, and in February, a Trump Organization executive said she would have to step down because of her public criticism of her dad’s administration.

The New York Times reported in March that Ivanka Trump had been pressured by her father to step aside as the White Trumpet to protect the president’s daughter.

Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, were among a group of family members who were invited to the White Senate Office Building to attend the swearing-in ceremony of a new chief of staff in February.

Ivanka said in her tweets that she and Kushner were “in no way” “forced to resign.””

We have the full support of the president.””

This is an incredibly important position that I am thrilled to have as part of our family.

We have the full support of the president.”

The president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., also joined Ivanka Trump on Friday to discuss his father’s administration and push back against some of the criticism he has received for his actions.

Trump Jr. said his father has taken a “positive and constructive approach” to the president.

“The first few weeks have been very good, and we’ve seen positive results,” Trump Jr. tweeted.

“But now, with the president and the press attacking him, he needs to step up and take a positive and constructive stand.

He has to show his true character.”

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