Top 5 new sports gear brands: Cascade Sports equipment

In the world of sports equipment and accessories, Cascade has always been ahead of the game.

Since 1998, when the company began manufacturing high-end outdoor gear in China, the company has grown into a global manufacturer with a presence in over 30 countries and territories.

The Cascade brand has long been synonymous with outdoor equipment, with its line of mountain bike helmets, trekking poles, and hiking boots serving as iconic models.

Cascade’s new mountain bike line, the R1, is now in its second iteration.

The R1 is a carbon fiber frame that uses a carbon-fiber shell and composite monofilament construction.

The new R1 also comes with an ultra-light, lightweight, and lightweight carbon fiber handlebar that offers superior stability and durability.

Cascade has also added a new “light weight” suspension system to the R2 and R2.

The suspension system is designed to support the weight of the bike without sacrificing stability.

A carbon-reinforced polyurethane (CFRP) shell provides a high level of strength and durability and is also highly compressible.

The company has also introduced a lightweight, lightweight fork for the R3 that is designed for both a road and a mountain bike use.

The lightweight, light-weight fork is designed with the rider in mind, with the weight being distributed between the front and rear axle.

The fork is constructed with lightweight carbon fibre, lightweight polycarbonate, and high-quality steel.

The rims of the R4 and R5 have also been improved to be lighter, and the rims are also made of carbon-foam for maximum grip.

The full R1 lineup includes a carbon fork, carbon handlebar, and carbon crankset.

The carbon rims will be available in the R5 and R6 models.

The frame for the new R5 model includes a new carbon-cored fork with a steel stem.

The handlebar is made from carbon fiber.

The wheels are made from lightweight, high-density polyethylene.

The rear wheel is made of a new, lightweight aluminum.

The brakes are made of magnesium alloy.

The pedals are made out of a combination of aluminum, carbon fiber, and a carbon shock absorber.

The front and back suspension systems are made with a carbon steel tube.

The head tube for the fork is carbon fiber with an alloy fork tube.

All of the brake components are carbon steel.

The R4 model is available in a black or silver color.

The latest R5 models are available in titanium and stainless steel.

For a full list of products, check out the Cascade website.

The best of the best, then, is back for another year.