Which NFL players are your favorite?

Baseball players have a reputation for being the most competitive players in the league.

Some of the most successful players in Major League Baseball are known for their strong defense and a high offensive line.

They are also known for having great stamina and being able to withstand the rigors of playing a game for many years.

But is there a player in Major Leagues history that stands out in terms of what is most important to him and his team?

Here is a look at the top five MLB players who are still in the game today.1.

Babe Ruth (1961-1969) Ruth, who is best known for his record-breaking home run in the 1957 World Series, is arguably the greatest baseball player ever.

He was a two-time MVP, was a three-time batting champion and played for the Yankees from 1954-1961.

The most famous moment in his career was when he caught a doubleheader on October 17, 1962 at Cincinnati, becoming the first player to do so in major league history.

The following day, he scored three runs in his final at-bat and became only the second player in history to score three runs, three runs and three runs simultaneously.

Ruth was also the first to hit his 500th career home run.

His hitting career ended when he died at age 51 on January 6, 1966.2.

Willie Mays (1930-1964) Mays, who played for three teams in his 14-year Major League career, is known as the greatest of all time because of his dominance in baseball.

Mays played in five different leagues, the first of which was the National League, and was an All-Star in seven different seasons.

He retired in 1946 after playing 1,731 games for the Philadelphia Athletics, New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds, Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox.3.

Lou Gehrig (1942-1955) Gehrig, who retired after the 1957 season, was one of the greatest hitters in Major Baseball history.

He hit nearly 200 home runs, scored nearly 200,000 total bases and averaged a career batting average of .321.

He also led the league in slugging percentage (.817), home runs per 162 games (8.6), runs scored per 162 and OPS (.965).

Gehrig retired after being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1998.4.

Sammy Sosa (1936-1974) Sosa, who made his Major League debut with the San Francisco Giants in 1958, was known for playing defense and hitting home runs.

He played in three different leagues and retired after retiring in 2006.5.

Joe DiMaggio (1922-1986) DiMagio, who led the National Association in home runs (2,077), RBIs (2.942) and OPS (1.983) in 1947, retired in 2002 after hitting .315 with 2,083 career home runs and 1,863 career RBIs.

DiMugio retired after hitting more than 50 home runs in each of his final two seasons in the majors.

DiBella and DiBattista both have their own Hall of Fames.6.

Willie McCovey (1921-1987) McCoveys career was marked by three World Series titles, three Cy Young Awards, a World Series title, five MVP Awards and three Cy Long Awards.

McCoveies career also included six Gold Gloves and six All-Stars.

McCurry played in 13 different leagues during his career.7.

Pete Rose (1926-1983) Rose, who was the greatest player to ever play the game, played in the American League for three decades and won five Gold Gloves, five Silver Gloves and seven Cy Youngs.

He had three consecutive batting titles, and played in 14 different leagues over that span.8.

Jimmie Foxx (1934-1986), the greatest pitcher to ever live, won four World Series championships with the Cleveland Indians and was inducted in 2005.

Foxx was also an All Star in 18 different seasons and a two time All-American in four different seasons in MLB.9.

Sammy Ponce (1937-1983), who was induct, played for six different teams in the National Baseball League for the duration of his career, and won two World Series crowns, one Cy Young Award and one MVP Award.

He won two Gold Gloves in each season.10.

Roger Clemens (1931-1999) Clemens, who won two Cy Young awards and two World Championship rings, played four different leagues throughout his career and won three Gold Gloves.

He pitched in 14 games for seven different teams and was named to the All-Rookie Team in 1958.11.

Mickey Mantle (1925-1989) Mantle, who had an outstanding career as a center fielder, won five World Series with the Detroit Tigers and won the 1956 MVP. He