How to Make the Perfect Glow Sports Equipment

A team of glow-in-the-dark sport equipment designers and designers have come up with a futuristic idea for a sports equipment manufacturer.

The idea is to transform the traditional white, light-reflective sports equipment into a dark-reflecting one.

Read moreThe team, which is called GEMG, created the first glow-equipped sports equipment and hopes to have a company in business by 2019.

The aim is to bring the technology of the sports equipment industry into the realm of futuristic technology, said Ravi Shankar, managing director, GEMTECH.

The project is funded by the Indian government, and will be commercialised in India by 2022.

The team has partnered with the sports industry body Sport India, a non-profit organisation, and has already developed equipment that was produced by an American company, including a light-up helmet and gloves.

The new equipment can be fitted with various accessories, including wristbands, earphones, and headphones.

The company is also working on the technology for LED-based lighting, including LED lights for the team, and LED lighting for sports equipment.

The technology is not yet ready for commercial use.

The group is now developing a product that uses LED technology to provide the team with an environment in which the team can perform at their best.

It is also developing a sport lighting system that will be sold in the near future, said Shankar.

“It will enable the team to perform with confidence and performance, in an environment that is suitable for the athletes,” he added.