Fox Sports unveils the new NFL football gear

FOX Sports has unveiled a new set of NFL football helmets and gear for the upcoming season.

The first of these new helmets will be a white model that has been designed specifically for the sport and will be available for pre-order on Friday, August 11.

The helmet is currently being made by US-based manufacturer Pro-Gels and is expected to retail for $299.

The helmets will come in a range of styles, including a full-face helmet and a more casual style with a face shield and cleat.

The NFL has also announced a limited edition football helmet called the Pro-Goel Football.

The limited edition Pro-goel Football will feature the same visor design as the helmets, but will come with a custom-designed football helmet cleat and a new football player crest. 

The new helmet will be made by Pro-Globe and will retail for about $299, but the NFL says it is “currently working on additional NFL helmets to celebrate the upcoming football season.”

The Pro-globe NFL helmet will come complete with a new player crest, cleat, helmet and new football cleat that will be part of the NFL’s official 2017 uniform.

The new helmet, which is the second of two new NFL helmets announced today, will be the most expensive NFL helmet yet and will come as a limited-edition, $299 helmet. 

Another new NFL helmet is the NFL-branded Pro-Cadence, which will be released this fall.

This new helmet is a full face helmet that will feature an embossed helmet logo and a “Caduceus” logo.

The Caduceus helmet will retail at $300 and is scheduled to be available in early September. 

Lastly, the NFL announced today it will release its new “Richest NFL Player” and “Most Expensive NFL Player Hats” on Wednesday, September 5. 

Richer NFL Players are the players who are able to earn more money on the field by winning Super Bowls and winning a championship.

Richer NFL players are the top earners in the NFL and will have their names immortalized in the game’s new Richest NFL player hat, which has a price tag of $100,000.

The hat will be sold exclusively at the NFL Players Association, the union for NFL players, on Wednesday at 11 a.m.


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