Microsoft’s XBox 360 gaming system to hit retail shelves in October

Microsoft’s new XBox line of gaming systems is expected to launch in October.

Microsoft’s chief executive officer Satya Nadella has said the next-generation Xbox gaming console will feature Xbox One X graphics technology.

A video released by Microsoft’s Xbox product team showed the system in use at a Microsoft event in New York City.

It includes a pair of consoles in one, with an optional hard drive.

The XBox console also includes Kinect support for gaming.

The new consoles, which are being priced at $399 and $499, include the XBox, Xbox One, and the Xbox 360.

Microsoft will sell the Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles as standalone devices at retail stores.

It is the first time Microsoft has made a gaming console launch a primary part of its marketing strategy.

Microsoft is hoping the launch of the Xbox One and Xbox X will help it turn a profit on the consoles and make it more attractive to customers.

“I think you will see an increased demand for the Xbox in the coming months and we’ll continue to work with partners to support this transition to Xbox One,” said Nadell, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

“There’s an opportunity for us to be able to offer a much better gaming experience for our customers.

There’s an increased amount of content that’s coming to the platform.”

Microsoft’s other gaming consoles include the PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

The company is also considering selling the Xbox Wireless Controller for $100.

The next-gen Xbox gaming system is expected in the first half of next year.

It will be priced at about $400 and is expected for a mid-2018 release.