Lulu Sports Equipment sells out on eBay

LULU Sports Equipment has sold out of its first ever pair of track shorts, after it sold out on its online auction site.

Key points:The company said the shorts had a “high-end finish” and were intended to be worn at sporting eventsLulu Sports is one of two Australian brands that will soon be selling track shorts to the publicLuluSports said it would be offering “limited quantities” of track-specific productsLulu sports apparel is a subsidiary of the Australian firm Lulu.

The company is one in a group of Australian brands to be selling tracks to the Australian public.

The Lulu Sport brand was first launched in 2009, and its range of track clothes and equipment was designed specifically for track and field, as well as swimming, skiing, basketball and tennis.

In a statement on Tuesday, the company said it was pleased to have sold out.

“The track shorts we have designed for you have a high-end finishing and are intended to provide a high level of performance, as worn at sports events,” the statement read.

We are very proud of the products that we have developed for you.”‘”

Lulu is a global leader in track and track apparel and is recognised by the world’s top athletes for its track wear.”

We are very proud of the products that we have developed for you.”‘

The first time in the world’Lulu founder and CEO Alex Jardine said the track shorts were designed for both indoor and outdoor sports.”

There’s no doubt in my mind that there is no better way to get a first-class fit and finish than to wear these on your track,” Mr Jardines statement read in part.”

I can’t wait to see how the product will go viral, with so many people out there using them to get ready for the upcoming season.

“Lulu also said that the track-themed track shorts would be available on its website for “limited quantity” in August.”

As the track season draws to a close, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering limited quantities of track style track shorts for sale,” it said.”

These are the first time they have ever been offered for sale online, but we hope you will be inspired to get on board and purchase some!

“It said it had received feedback from customers who were excited about the track style shorts.”

They are very stylish and very affordable and we are sure you will find the fit to your liking,” the company’s statement continued.”

Our track shorts will be available in sizes from XL to XXL and the range is set to expand over the coming months.”LULU also said the company had a partnership with Australian retailer Ballerina for its Track and Track Swimwear range, which was to be available at the end of August.

In the meantime, Lulu is selling track-inspired track shorts at select Australian retailers.

The first batch of track wear from LuluSports will be released at the Australian National University’s ASUWS, with more products to follow.

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