The sports bar is worth a little extra money

The world’s top 10 sports bars have been rated by a panel of experts and the money spent on them may not be enough to offset the hefty cost of the equipment they’re built on.

The BBC has found that the sports bar of the future may need to be built on the back of expensive, high-end equipment.

Read moreThe BBC is publishing its review of the world’s best bars in this week’s Sports Illustrated, with the panel of sports bar experts weighing in on the best bars on offer.

“They’re all great but they’re not really worth a lot of money,” said Michael Stokes, the director of sports for the BBC Sport and Fitness channel.

“So they have to be expensive and they have high prices, but they are really good bars for people who want to go for a really long day.”

For some people it might not be worth going for.

“The panel also rated the value of the bar’s build, but it’s a case of how much it costs to build a bar versus how much people spend on the equipment.”

The bar is not a perfect bar,” said Mr Stokes.”

There’s a lot that you need to consider but you’ve got to get a bar that can handle the volume you need and that’s not a bar you can just build.

“The BBC sports bar panel is comprised of former sport bar executives, experts from sports medicine, and bar managers.

The group was asked to rate 10 bars and then rated them on their worth for different types of people.

The best bars are all expensive to build but are good value at around £2,000 per bar.

The bar that has the most value for money is the £5,000 Sport and Fit Bar by Sports Fitness.”

It has great build quality and the bar has very high quality,” said Dr David Aylward, who chairs the panel.”

A good value bar for the money.

“The bar has a full-size television screen, a TV, a stereo and an amplifier.”

But it’s not cheap,” said Stokes of the £6,000 Sports and Fit bar.”

You need to invest in a good stereo.

You need a TV.

You want to get some good speakers.

“It is possible to build good quality bars for around £1,000, but the bar costs more to build than the average sports bar in the UK, he said.”

That’s why you see a lot more sports bars with big walls, with expensive construction, with really big speakers and stuff like that.

“I don’t think it’s cheap for sports bar owners to build bars that are worth $5,200.”

If you’ve bought a sports bar, you’ve paid for a great bar and you’ve built something really special, but you’re not going to be able to afford to put a decent speaker in your bar and have it sound good, it just doesn’t make sense.

“Dr Aylwards also found that most people don’t pay the price that they think it should, but there are those who are.”

Most people are very careful about what they spend on sports bar hardware, and it’s about the right price,” he said, adding that some sports bar bars cost more than others.”

Some sports bar managers are really proud of the price of their bars and they really care about it.

“What people don´t know is that a good sports bar isn’t going to cost them £1m and they’re going to spend a lot less.”